If yoImage result for marylandu aren’t from Maryland, odds are that you have at least heard of it. We have that really obnoxious flag that we can’t get enough of? So much that even other people from different states wear things with Maryland flag on it. If you’re not from Maryland, you more than likely don’t understand our obsession with our flag, crabs, waterfowl, and don’t get me started about our sports team or the thought that we have the best college of well all colleges located in this state.  It takes me eveImage result for maryland gifry thing I have in me so I don’t say “OH” during the national anthem at every one of my lacrosse games. Some people might say, “Maryland isn’t even big, it shouldn’t be considered a state,” and that is false. In the beautiful state of Maryland there’s so many things to do. Wanna go skiing? Go to the wonderful place of Deep Creek Lake in the Winter. They have slopes and cabins made to take on the blistering cold for your enjoyment. If you don’t like the cold and you’re looking for the beach scene, Ocean City  is a place for you. There is a 3 mile boardwalk complete with all the stores to the end of the boardwalk where you will find an amusement park full of sub-par rides that you always wonder if you should go on them. There are so many things in Maryland that you can do, it might just take you awhile to get from place to place.


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